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I submitted a joke, why is my joke not published?

All submitted jokes will be published however we will not publish more than a few new jokes per day. So if we have a stock pile of new jokes, it might take up to a few days before your submitted joke is published. In most cases new jokes will be published in the order in which we received them.

Why do I need to register on this site before I can submit a joke?

This is a safety measure to prevent spam being submitted to this website. We will handle your private data with care, please read our privacy policy.

Who's running this website?

This website is run from the Netherlands (Europe) by a dutch with a very lovely (and lovingSmile) filipina wife.

How did it start?

I guess we al get occassional mails from friends with joke collections ... I'm sure you had them too. It gave me the idea to share these (very funny) jokes with a larger public through this website. So we can all enjoy them. BTW. please share your collections on this site too! Cool

Why so many ads?

Running this website involves costs for hosting and operations. We are displaying ads to cover some of these costs. We don't ask you to click on ads. Only click on ads if you're really interested in the advertised product. By clicking an ad you support as a little... Thanks so much!

Can I support this site in other ways?

YES, YOU CAN! If you like this website (and have some money to spare) you can also support as by donating through Paypal (Click the button on the left). If you have a business you can also advertise with us, click here to view more info.
But you make us also very happy by submitting new jokes to the website.

Why are Paypal donations made to Geodude?

If you want to make a paypal donation, you 'll see the donation is made to Geodude. "Geodude" is our Paypal nickname, so don't worry about that.