Bubble Gum

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May isang teenager na Pinoy, kumakain ng pandesal, nilapitan ng isang mayabang na Americano...

American: Hey Man, what's you're eating??

Pinoy: Pandesal...

America: Will you eat all that bread?

Pinoy: Yes!

American: We in the US, we only eat the soft part of a loaf of bread, and remove the sides, process it into pandesal and export it to the Philippines.  (Then gave a nasty grin as he chew a bubble gum)

American: So what's the filling in your Pandesal?

Pinoy: Fruit Jam..

American: We in the US, we only use fresh fruits, then after eating, we collect all the peelings, leftovers and seeds, process it into fruit jam and export it to the Philippines (then blows a large balloon in his chewing gum)

Pinoy: (Galit na) Oh really??? I'll ask you a question, Do you like sex???

American: Of course! We love them!!

Pinoy: So, what do you do with your condoms after using them?

American: We throw them away!

Pinoy: Well, we in the Philippines, we don't! We collect all the used condoms, process it into chewing gum, and export it to America!