Beauty Pageant!!

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On a beauty contest the m.c. ask the 1st pair of contestant...

he ask first the girl...

Host: Ok Ms. Number 1, tell me your favorite motto!

Girl1: (kinabahan... walang naisip na motto) I'm sorry i don't have any motto..

(di maniwala ang crowd kaya sumigaw na sila boo! Boo!!,  Time is Gold na lang!!! Time is Gold!!)

Host: really? can't you hear the audience??

(Nadinig ni girl! tumayo sya ng matuwid, and faced the crowd!)

Girl1: Ok i have my motto now!!

Host: And what is it?

Girl1: Chinese Gold! Chinese Gold!!

(and the crowd all laugh)

Host: OK lets go now to your partner.. Mr. Number 1! What is the best or memorable gift that you gave to your girlfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Guy1: (Nagiisip and finally nakaisip ng sasagot) ahhmmmm... Taf Toy Mr. host! Taf Toy!

Host: HUH??? what is Taf Toy???

GUY1: Taf Toy po!! Yung Teddy Bear...

and the crowd goes banana.... hahahaaha... watta pair.. :)