Prince of Tennis Jokes Part 1

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One day for the unknown reason, one of the Seigaku regulars goes to playground.

On the same time, he heard a child is crying (actually this child is getting lost).


B: Waaaa

F: Little boy may I know the reason you crying here? (Fuji smiles unconsciously)

B: Tenshi (The boy forgot to cry) Mr. Tenshi, when I grown up can you be my GIRL friend?

F: Ng (Another smile)

(The boy forgets his problem one more time)

M: Tairou, finally I found you, u getting me worried. We r going home n say thank you to this big brother.

B: NO I dont want! I wanna be with Mr. Angel Waaaa

F: (Smile again)

[P/s: The charm of Fuji Syusuke is undeniable; he is suitable for all ages.]


K (Karupin): Meow meow

E: Don't go there, Karupin!

B: Waaaa! Ah! little kitty I can't find my mom anywhere.

K: Meow (Translation: I shall play with u then)

B: You'll play with me? Wow, that's great!

E: That! that cat belongs to me!

K: (Turn to Ryoma) Meow (Translation: I'm very sympathize with this boy)

E: Cheh! (He go to the bench nearby n watching them having fun)

M: Tairou, finally I found you, u getting me worried.

E: (Take back Karupin from the boy n directly go home) Don't u ever play with stranger anymore!

[P/s: Ryoma gets jealous because of a cat???]


I: That crying object is 100% a boy.

B: Waaaa! Ah, a crazy scientist! Look at my super beam

I: The brain of this child is 100% having problem! Hey boy, what's your problem?

B: Waaaa! I kinda lost.

I: (Hey!) If you drink this juice immediately you can meet your mom soon, very soon.

B: Really? (Drink that INUI JUICE) What's this drink??!!! Mad scientist you tricked me!!!

I: Hmm not bad, ii data.

M: Tairou, finally I found you, u getting me worried. (Turn to Inui) Thank you young man.

[P/s: If she were to figure out what Inui had done to her son, she won't say that!]