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Q: How can you put a giraffe inside a refrigerator in 2 steps?
A: Open the ref put in the giraffe.

Q: How can you put an elephant inside a refrigerator in 3 steps?
A: Open the ref throw out the giraffe and put the elephant.

Q: What killed a man fishing beside a river?
A: A Giraffe fell on him..

Q: Why did our barrio is on barbeque fiesta?
A: They butchered a crippled giraffe who fell on a fisherman.

Q: Who are the people shouting in front of the City Hall?
A: They are PETA members against cruelty to animals.

Q: How can an overloaded ship survive from sinking?
A: throw out the ref with an elephant to the sea.

Q: South Korea is protesting against the North for destroying their submarine, what really happened?
A: A ref with an elephant thrown from a transport ship hit the submarine.

Q: Thailand's flag in in half mast, why?
A: In memory of a missing elephant.

Q: Why did National Geographic and Discovery Channel is in the Philippines
A: They are interested in the story of a missing Giraffe and an elephant. ^^