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TENACIOUS - I went to "The Athlete's Foot" yesterday to buy a pair of tenacious.

CONTEMPLATE - I went to a party last night. There was so much food pero co-contemplate.

CURTAIN and KITCHEN - Aray! Huwag mo kong curtain. Masa-kitchen.

PUNCTUATION - Daddy, pasukan na next week. Kailangan ko ng punctuation.

GUAVA - I just had a haircut. Masa-guava?

DEDUCT, DEFEAT, and DETAIL - Deduct jumped over defense but detail landed before defeat.

DEPOSIT - Paki-check nga ang banyo. I think deposit is leaking.

ICE BUKO - Nagpagupit ako kanina, tingnan mo nga, ice buko?

PERSUADING - Kiko and Kikay got married on June 1, 1992. So last June 1, 1993, they are going to celebrate their persuading anniversary.

DEVASTATION - I wait for the bus at devastation every morning.

CONCLUSION and OPINION - (Pointing to a door): Conclusion, hindi opinion.

PAMPERS and PAPERS - At the gasoline station, I asked the attendant, "Do I pampers or do I papers?"

DIFFERENCE and DIFFERENCES - If the royal family has a baby boy, he is called difference; if they have a baby girl, she is called differences.

PROTESTANT - Apples, oranges, and other fruits can be bought at the protestant.

ANALYZE and ANATOMY - My analyze over the ocean so bring back my anatomy.

IRAQ, IRAN, EGYPT - Iraq is bigger than a stone; Iran is faster than a walk; and Egypt is smaller than a truck.

PAUL, PAUL, PAUL, PAUL, PAUL - Paul, be carepaul; you might paul in the swimming paul and make a paul of yourself.

CASHEW and SKATE - I want to have a tattoo sana cashew mukhang ma-skate, eh.

CUISINE - I hope you studied last night because our teacher might give a surprise cuisine Math.